Download TTC Video: High School – Chemistry Frank Cardulla

 Download  TTC Video: High School – Chemistry The Great Courses by Professor Frank Cardulla. Chemistry teachers will tell you that there is an experience they have all had many times. Someone will ask them, “What do you do for a living?” and when they reply, “I’m a chemistry teacher,” the all-too-common response is: “That was my worst subject!” Why is that? Is high school chemistry just so intrinsically difficult that only students with great intellectual gifts are capable of succeeding without heroic efforts? Frank Cardulla doesn’t believe that for a moment, and he will hopefully convince you, as he has thousands of high school students, that “chemistry is the easiest class in school.”

The course opens with several lectures that outline the instructor’s teaching philosophy and demonstrate how students can use logical thinking to help them solve chemistry problems. In subsequent lectures, Professor Cardulla applies these problem-solving skills to key topics in introductory chemistry:

– The periodic table
– Balancing chemical equations
– Elements, atoms, ions, and isotopes
– Density
– Equilibrium
– Le Chatelier’s Principle
– Stoichiometry
– Titration
– Molarity
– Acids and bases


01. Introduction and Philosophy.avi
02. Quantitative Reasoning in Life and Chemistry (Part I).avi
03. Quantitative Reasoning in Life and Chemistry (Part II).avi
04. Density.avi
05. The SI (Metric) System of Measurement.avi
06. Converting between Systems of Measurement.avi
07. The Mole Concept – Preliminary Ideas.avi
08. The Mole.avi
09. Solving Mole Problems.avi
10. Avogadro’s Hypothesis and Molar Volume.avi
11. Percent Composition and Empirical Formulas.avi
12. Solving Empirical Formula Problems.avi
13. Writing and Balancing Chemical Equations.avi
14. An Introduction to Stoichiometry.avi
15. Stoichiometry Problems.avi
16. Advanced Stoichiometry.avi
17. An Introduction to Molarity.avi
18. Solving Molarity Problems.avi
19. Additional Molarity Problems.avi
20. Basic Concepts of Chemical Equilibrium (Part I).avi
21. Basic Concepts of Equilibrium (Part II).avi
22. Interpreting an Equilibrium Constant.avi
23. Le Chatelier’s Principle (Part I).avi
24. Le Chatelier’s Principle (Part II).avi
25. An Introduction to Equilibrium Problems.avi
26. The Self-Ionization of Water.avi
27. Strong Acids and Bases (Part I).avi
28. Strong Acids and Bases (Part II).avi
29. Weak Acids and Bases.avi
30. Solubility Equilibria.avi

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